5 Ways to Survive Your First Trimester

5Ways to Survive Your First Trimester: For When the Going Gets Tough

I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant. I was determined to continue on with life as I normally would, with my little bundle of joy inside me. I had a holiday party the very next day and couldn’t help but gloat to myself when I successfully stayed up until 2 a.m. fake drinking with all my friends. Boy, did that end QUICK. 

Before I knew it, I was sick. Morning sickness had hit me full force. The exhaustion felt like I was constantly hungover. I was literally useless. The best way I could describe what was happening to me was that I was simply surviving the pregnancy. Thankfully this ended after week 11 for me.

Now that I have successfully cleared that phase of my pregnancy I can look back and see what seriously helped me and what didn’t. Fear not, I will share them all with you. 

  • Preggie Pops or sour candy. I got this recommendation from my doctor. The sour in the hard candy can keep you from feeling like you’re on the verge of vomiting. Mind you, it won’t completely cure your morning sickness but it can ease the symptoms. I got a jar of Preggie Pops late into my first trimester and I wish I had purchased them sooner.

  • Long, steamy showers. I found myself simply sitting in the shower twice a day when things got bad. Let the water flow over you and clear your mind. The warm water will feel good on your body especially if you have been getting violently sick like I was. Don’t worry about washing up or how strange you look. Just focus on getting better. 
    *If you’re throwing up combined with a fever call your doctor*

  • Relax!! Stress and sickness go hand in hand. I found that the more stress I felt, the stronger my symptoms would get. Do what you can to relax, drink a cup of tea and listen to some music. Do what works for you.

  • Keep emergency shopping bags in the car. It made me feel more at ease when I knew if I were to get sick in the car I can grab a bag and do it right there. Which would go back to relaxing. Since I knew I had a system in place as opposed to panicking and pulling over it would ease the symptoms {ever so slightly}, but enough that I did not get in sick the car (thankfully)

  • It’s okay to change your pregnancy plan. Before I was pregnant I had pictured myself to quit caffeine completely, never take any medicine, and exercise regularly. Because of how much I felt committed to this preconceived plan I created I made my experience a lot harder than it needed to be. It’s okay to change your plans. Allowing myself to drink a cup of coffee on the days where I could not get out of the house made the world of a difference. Allowing myself to take an anti-acid tablet made me a more functional human being. Do what you need to make yourself feel better. Always consult your doctor on what medicines and dosages are safe for you.

And if you never end up getting sick in your pregnancy, well lucky you! I hope I can experience that lucky if I were blessed to have future pregnancies. 

Congratulations mama! I hope you won’t actually need to use this list and have a smooth sailing first trimester.